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We are passionate about growing faith through discipleship, giving hope to the broken hearted, and going missionally into the world to love as Jesus loved. 1 Corinthians 13:13


1. Bible
We believe the application of a Bible centered, Spirit empowered teaching is the catalyst for transformation in individuals lives and in the church community. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

2. Prayer
We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is a tool by which we create sacred places in a secular world. Philippians 4:6

3. Growth
We believe followers of Christ should demonstrate unquenchable desire for continuous growth. Like every relationship, God wants us to grow in our knowledge of His love and grace. When we cease to grow, we cease to be healthy and eventually cease to live. Healthy church naturally grows. 2 Peter 3:18

4. Service
We believe the church exists to mobilize faithful followers of Christ to serve the world. We exist to serve; therefore whatever needs God places before us, we will do whatever it takes with the help of the Holy Spirit to meet those needs. The world needs the local church. Mark 10:45

5. Diversity
We believe the gospel has the power to break through cultural, age and socioeconomic barriers to creating a unique community that embraces everyone. Mark 10:45

6. Community
We believe life-change happens best in community where trust and commitment towards each other is built. This is where discipleship happens. Acts 2:42-47

7. Excellence
We believe God is honored when we pursue excellence in our respective responsibilities. Colossians 3:17