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This is the New Kingdom

The Acts 2 church was a homogenous Jewish gathering. It wasn't until the Anthioch church that it was multicultural, Jews and Gentiles.

Gentile is just a term for all those "other" than the chosen Jews. Jesus Christ came to bring good news that salvation and new life is for all, no longer just the Jew. It is the heterogenous church in Antioch where believers were first referred to as "Christians", meaning Christ-like. Christians are called to the "other". We are called to intimacy with those that don't look, act or sound like we do.

This is is the GOOD news, that we are ONE and no church is segregated again. Make it a priority to give each culture, each language, each worship style a seat at the table. We can all learn from one another. This is Oasis. We value your culture and your people, because Jesus did/does.